Interactive Javascript Charts Library

Dynamic charts made easy with reactive programming

Create dynamic charts of any complexity with ease.

Simple reactive JSON Objects

Javascript charts are defined with a simple JSON configuration. Each JSON configuration can be made reactive, allowing you to change the configuration after the chart was created. The chart will update itself to reflect the new configuration. Click here for more information.

Performant and smooth

Our javascript charts are super fast and easily reach smooth refresh rates of 30 frames or more, even on mobile phones. Our reactive system guarantees that each update is done incrementally and as efficiently as possible, instead of just repainting the whole chart. We use canvas technology to get best performance, even with thousands of points rendered at the same time. On the fly data aggregation allows you to analyze 100'000 data points or more at the same time.

Highly cusomizable

Javascript charts can be customized to reflect the style of your brand. Use a set of predefined themes or define your own. Change the layout of the chart completely by defining were to place each component.